¤Instructional Yoga Mat – Unlike typical yoga exercise mats, PROIRON fitness mat comes with printed poses on the mat. The high-contrast images are clear and stable thanks to screen printing tech. With 75 poses given in both English and Sanskrit, you can start your workout easily at home without pricey lessons.
¤High Density Material – Ultra dense 5mm thick yoga mat is made from hdpvc which is anti slip and wear resistance thanks to small foaming cell. Self-guided fitness mat provide soft cushioning and easy to clean.
¤Durable Fitness Mat – PROIRON fitness mat has a high dense mesh fabric at the interlayer for tear resistance, so no worry about the mat tearing and deforming even if intensive daily yoga workout on the mat.
¤Non Slip – Our 5mm thick yoga mat provides the ideal thickness of padding to allow for comfort and proper balance. PROIRON environmental exercise mat is sweatproof to allow your hands and feet stable throughout workout, suitable for both men and women.
¤Neatly Storage – Come with a storage bag. So you can roll up the mat for storage or transportation. We accept your return for full money refund with 30 days, 100% satisfaction of after-sale service.